Business Dashboards

The easiest and intelligent way to improve your business. Automatic, easy and real time information to make easier, the decision making process, every-time, everywhere. Connect, transform, visualize and monitor your business performance. Say goodbye to manually generated reports with dynamic dashboards to monitor your performance in real time.


Start Up

This type of dashboard is ideal for entrepreneurs as it provides a quick assessment of each department's performance. Business dashboards can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs because they summarize complex information and present it in an easily digestable way. This dashboard is intended to lend guidance as to what types of key performance indicators (KPIs) should be included in an startup dashboard.


Perfect for sales professionals that pay close attention to the current status of opportunities, leads, and prospects. Sales teams operate in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment that demands they stay up-to-the-minute on the latest opportunities and challenges. These sales dashboard examples demonstrate some of the ways dashboards can help sales professionals stay on top of the metrics driving their business.


Compare and contrast your performance across all major social platforms by paying attention to your top social media metrics. The objective as a social media marketer is to drive customer engagement, connect with the audience, and get more people talking about the brand. A social media dashboard helps to get the answers by putting data from each of your profiles in a single place right beside other key marketing metrics.


Designed to provide an in-depth view to help and inform marketing departments to make smart decisions. Modern marketers reconcile these qualities by meticulously measuring the results of their campaign to see how well they connect with their audience. Marketing occupies a fascinating position at the intersection of art and science. This marketing dashboard example demonstrate some of the data, metrics, and KPIs marketers use to measure their performance.


Excellent dashboard to display financial KPIs like expenses, company revenue, customer invoices, balances, etc. This dashboard displays financial KPIs like current revenue, quick ratio, and short term assets. The idea behind any financial dashboard is to provide a concise, but accurate view of business performance so financial executives can get the information they need "at-a-glance" to drive the business forward.

Supply Chain

The only certainty about an efficient supply chain is that it won't stay that way without careful management and data awareness. A supply chain dashboard provides you with at-a-glance awareness of the status of your inventory and supply chain operations so you can respond to challenges before they become problems.

Call Center

Managing a call center requires being constantly immerse into the latest metrics and KPIs to can reduce handling times, increase productivity, and meet service level agreements. Call center is committed to delivering the highest level of service to customers, which is why is needed to be able to meticulously monitor their performance. A call center dashboard increases the visibility of real time, business-critical metrics providing the information needed to respond to challenges before they become crises.


Pre-built Dashboards

Do not waist time trying to build a monitor system. We have the perfect metrics system for every type of business.

Real Time Reports

Every indicator is up to date and available every time it is needed. Share then with your team, customers or the world.

Integrate The Company

Monitor the entire company, individual departments, online profiles or anything yo want, in just one place.

Historical Data Back up

Data is archived in the cloud so you can consult it anytime and compare them to take better decisions.

Cloud Based

View, edit or share your reports from any part of the world. Just need internet connection and a web browser.

Exportable Data

Download or receive scheduled emails with your reports in PNG, JPEG, PDF or CSV format.

Totally Customizable

If you want to have a special dashboard to manage your company, we can custom the solution for you.

Data 100% Secure

If you choose, we take care of your data. Certifications include Safe Harbor, SSAE 16/ ISAE 3402 and Verisign.


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